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Fun but hard.

I love the concept and it is a good game but needs more different musics 

The concept for this game is Crazy, I love it!

I really like minimalistic vibe of the game.  Level of difficulty  is high, but feel of achievement is even higher. The one thing i would personally add is "WASD" controls.


This is really what you intended it to be. "Perfect for quick play sessions". The minimalistic graphics make you focus entirely on the gameplay and that servers its purpose very well. Also the controls aren't clumsy in any way and the game overall is pretty solid. I'll definitely come back to it while in queue for a LoL match. :D nice job!

Hey! Played some of this on my channel. :D

great way to spend 10 minutes 

hey, sp i jsut tried your game after seeing it on reddit, and i have some feedback:

being able to use WASD instead of arrows would be amazing

also, a mode where you can use <- and -> t o orbit aroud the center and up and down to go closer/further away would be AMAZING