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Currently having fun playing it, but just figured I'd let you know I found a bug that causes the game to stop working if I pull the lever after locking every room possible without destroying any memory crates. Other than that though, I'm still quite enjoying it!

Oh thank you, that is very useful information. I do believe I failed to implement a case for that situation. Thanks for playing though, glad you're enjoying anyway!

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Hey thanks for the advice, I'd like to ask about the bluntness though if you don't mind. I've been trying to get better at writing.

Could you tell me a bit more about what feels especially blunt to you? Is it the "message" that's too in your face? Is the end cutscene dialogue not subtle enough? Or something else?

Thank you, I would really appreciate it.

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I saw this on the Extra Credits Twitch Party Stream and I needed to check it out!

Aww it's so cute once you finally figure out how to get the best ending! 

[Edited out spoiler]

Great job! 

Hey thank you for playing! I'm super glad to see someone found the good ending :D 

I need to ask though, could you edit your comment to remove the spoiler of how to get the best ending? I'd want others to be able to discover that for themselves too :)

Oh yeah of course no problem!

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Thank you! And thanks again for playing :)

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Nice Game. I like the art style and the sound effects and music was good too. Only problem I encountered was after destroying area and re-entering it, the sound effect was very loud.

Wish it had more characters apart from the Harrisons, with different personalities and memories. Overall a good game👍

Hey thanks so much for playing. My initial plan actually was to have several sessions, but those darn game jam time constraints, oh well 😅 

Also about the sound effect, so you destroyed an area, it played the "explosion" sound, then you left and came back in, and it was that explosion sound that was extra loud? I never encountered that issue so I'll need to track it down.